The Nightwood Sessions

by Adamennon | Beta



Collaboration between well known italian dark ambient musician Adamennon and Beta, the solo project of MikeB. of Viscera///. This release also features remixes by inDUBstrial artist Noisepsalm and ambient/experimental artist Nux Vomica.

Adamennon (Adam Van Maledict) is an incredibly prolific dark/doom/ambient underground Italian artist. Since his inception (2006) he released tons of material in any format and with various monickers. Actually, along with his solo career, he collaborates in projects like Habitantibus in Terra, Locomotor Mortis and Deep Pression

Beta (Michele Basso) is the recently born solo project of MikeB. (Michele Basso), owner of underground label Hypershape Records and mainly frontman of bands like Viscera///, The Drop Machine and Malasangre. MikeB. even features the Mount Piezein Circle collective including legendary progressive rock guitarist Paolo Tofani from Area.


released May 22, 2012

All songs by Adamennon and Beta
Recorded at SFR Studio
Tizzano Valparma, Italy - Sept / Oct 2010
Produced by Adamennon




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Auricular Records is a small independent label and netlabel located in Glastonbury, CT - originally founded in the San Francisco Bay Area of California over 25 years ago (1989). We specialize in ambient, dark ambient, drone, soundart, musique concrete and difficult music. ... more

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